Friday, August 1, 2014


My paintings with video installation by Vin Hill in "Postglamism: Glam Art in the 21st Century" at CoCA
Went to Seattle and attended July 3rd Thursdays at the Seattle Design Center, getting to visit Postglamism:  Glam Art in the 21st Century at the Center on Contemporary Art. Participating artists Vin Hill, Christian French, Lindsay McCoy and Matthew D. Rowe were there, and Michael Sweney gave a talk about his curatorial process. It was an honor to be included in this exciting exhibition and to hear that Sweney appreciated my traditional technique in a show that also represents a lot of conceptual and hi-tech work.
Today is the last day of Postglamism, and also the international Larroque Arts Festival in France, curated by Ken Hay, has just ended. I was able to upload images to Dropbox, and they were printed and mounted there at Galerie La Vieille Poste. Isn't that amazing? I hope to attend someday:  Larroque is a commune of Tarn, near Toulouse (which I loved when I went there once, as well as the artist bearing that name) and it looks like they have an absolutely beautiful time there.
From now until the beginning of November I will just be working on paintings for ArtSpan open studios.