Monday, June 15, 2015

Can I have some remedy

At Range oil on canvas 18 x 18 in.
"All of us are a little bit unbalanced. . . We're drawn in art very often to the sort of things that are missing in our lives. . . We try and find, in art, the things which we've lost contact with in our own lives, so there's an element of rebalancing,Alain de Botton said in an interview about his book Art As Therapy. On the website, you can be prescribed an artwork for different emotional and life problems. It's an interesting experiment, and I agree that art can be a refuge and a remedy. We all know that music can do it, right?
I just wrote for an application that "the subjects that have always most attracted me are those with some romance to them:  old-fashioned architecture, sparkling and glowing lights, sweet colors and a harmonious simplicity."  So, with my paintings, I'm trying to conjure constancy in a changing world and bonhomie in lonely times. I'm aiming for the subtle feelings of wonder, adventure, comfort and enthusiasm as an antidote to anxiety and overwhelm.