Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Leo and the Lanterns oil on canvas 16 x 26 in.

Oops I skipped a month. No shows coming up besides Open Studios in November, and I've already been thinking about that. Sean and I just submitted our guide for the ad, and probably no one will be able to tell, but the inspiration was Andy Warhol's Factory and the Velvet Underground. I was obsessed with that scene when I was in high school.
Still painting every day, still walking to and from the studio. Still wearing a full face of makeup every day (I love makeup, maybe because I'm a painter).
The late, notorious London dandy Sebastian Horsley wrote, "Art doesn't pay, but the hours are good." I feel like I work so slowly, and sometimes I make a big necessary change that is the painting equivalent of backtracking miles and losing days. It takes boldness and then sacrifice and then back to the patience. I guess it's because I'm in love with painting that I have that steadfast patience with it.